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    Photo of Margit Härma: Can we still rescue our client relationship, Helo?

    Margit Härma: Can we still rescue our client relationship, Helo?

    It’s the first time that I am writing to you. As Swedbank’s Group Risk Manager, you have probably made the most stellar career in the international financial world among Estonian women. Because of your background and today's job position, you are also the right person to be asked what has happened to Swedbank. The bank that was once the flagship of Estonian business can no longer be trusted because you lose your clients’ money, you say in court that you no longer have any records of transactions relevant to the case and that all customer claims stopped to be valid a long time ago.

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    Photo of Public letter published in Äripäev

    Public letter published in Äripäev

    Swedbank’s new management has apologized for the bank’s negligence that made money laundering possible. Has the bank changed its view on the behaviour of its former management also in essential aspects of the bank’s other activities? Will you start answering your clients’ questions now? We are talking about Swedbank clients whose investment portfolios Swedbank was managing and about 8.4 million euros in these clients’ funds that the bank used to purchase land in Romania in 2007. By now this money has been lost and the land portfolio is essentially worthless. It’s incredible, but in the last 10 years the bank’s former management did not answer the questions that we, Swedbank clients, were asking in this matter.

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    Photo of Kaupo Nõlvak: We’re screwed! Where’s our money, Göran?

    Kaupo Nõlvak: We’re screwed! Where’s our money, Göran?

    In short, the story of Romania’s “land deal” is simple. In 2007, EUR 8.4 million was raised from Estonian investors by Swedbank and with its assistance which was then invested as purchase of 46.3 ha of low-value arable land in Romania divided into many smaller lots. We know now that, according to statistics published by real estate agency DTZ, the average price of arable land in Romania in 2007 was EUR 1,000 per hectare. This means that a fair price for this 46.3 hectares of low value arable land may have been no more than EUR 46,300. Yet Swedbank, using the funds of the clients of its portfolio management service, accepted the acquisition of these plots for a price that exceeded it by EUR 8.3 million. Moreover, the bank earned EUR 200,000 in commission, which is more than the real value of all the land purchased.

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    Photo of A letter to Swedbank

    A letter to Swedbank

    Request for information sent to the Management Board of Swedbank AB at 25.09.2018

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